About Pro-Straint® Restraint Chairs

chair-onlyAedec is the patent holder and sole supplier of the tried and true Pro-Straint® Restraint Chair.

Aedec was founded 25 years ago with the simple belief that officer safety could be improved and liability reduced with better prisoner security seating. Since then, Aedec has been a patented leader in design and innovation.

In 2013, Aedec was acquired by Accel Plastics and is now a part of the Accel Plastics manufacturing operation located in Auburn, Washington. Accel is an ISO certified company that has been a leader in thermoforming and product design and development for over two decades. This close integration allows for better quality and cost control, as well as shortening the time from concept to market for new products. Accel continues a long tradition of excellent customer service and product support.

Read our warranty to learn more about how we guarantee the quality of our products. Have any questions or feedback? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We love to hear from our customers.

PI SedanIf you are eligible to purchase our Pro-Straint® Restraint Chairs, you may also be interested in learning more about Aedec Vehicle Seats.

Modular seats are available in custom configurations for single seat or K9 units.

To find out how Aedec Vehicle Seats can improve safety and reduce potential liabilities for your police department, please contact us today at 877-854-0034.